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About me

As a built environment expert, my work focuses on the central role materials play in building a more sustainable and equitable world. Creative Director of the Building Centre, London (2018 to 2022), I transformed the organisation's reputation through a successful cultural strategy. As Head of Exhibitions at the Architectural Association (2001 to 2017), I established a globally recognised programme included major urban installations. As a consultant, I collaborate with clients who share my values and are working towards building a low-carbon future, one that respects people and planet.

What my clients say about working with me:

'You've been wonderful to work with and great fun too. You've helped us to think more clearly about how we can bring our sustainable mission to the world - one plant at a time! Keep inspiring us all'
Phil Allen, Director, PAD Landscapes

'We could not do what we have achieved so far without your energy, honest beliefs and dedication to our beloved material and solutions! Your organisation skills, listening power and genuine care in making a difference is key to the mission we have for next year and year after next! Thanks so much for your support and guidance.'
Pierre Bidaud, Creative Director, The Stonemasonry Company

'We worked with Vanessa to bring some structure (and humour) to conversations in our studio around our working processes. A series of very enjoyable workshops together resulted in a wider understanding in the studio of our practice values and a greater shared spirit about where we would all like to take the practice and how that will shape our buildings in the future.'
Will Burges, 31/44 Architects 


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