Switzerland: Design for Life, A Foundation

Switzerland: Design for Life celebrated Swiss interior and graphic design culture, revealinghow Swiss designers have influenced urban life worldwide. It showcased a new generation of innovative Swiss designers who reference their rich design history whilst reflecting current concerns around issues of environment and sustainability, as well as working within a constrained financial climate. The show aimed to present an innovative, influential and sometimes surprising image of Switzerland discovered through design culture.

The Exhibition was divided into two complementary parts. I was invited by the Swiss Embassy to curate Contemporary Swiss Design; an exhibition focusing on the work of a talented group of young Swiss designers, which partnered Reinventing an Image; a show looking at Switzerlands identity through travel posters.

The exhibition featured the work of twelve of Switzerland’s most talented young designers; Laurent Benner, Alex Bettler, Kueng Caputo, Zak Kyes, Jurg Lehni, Urs Lehni & Lex Trub, Loris & Livia, Elena Rendina and Regis Tosetti. In a continuation of an exceptional heritage, these forward thinking designers produce innovative, fresh ways of working, creating projects that move across disciplines; by making furniture, designing books and organizing events.

Now an important part of the London design scene their work suggests that good design is not a geographical location or rigid national identity but rather a way of thinking. Good design, like an inspirational country, is fluid; with people, ideas and things flowing freely through it.

Photographs by Sue Barr